i am a shapeshifter; an update


I promised y’all I’d update you on my recent obsession with wigs.  I took three with me on my California holiday: a 30″ pink, a 30″ blue, and my 28″ platinum.  I wore the blue one through the airport and caused several scenes.  TSA told me that I had the best hair of the day.  A woman working at one of those random kiosks selling accessories and hair extensions saw me walking by, desperately reached out her arm to me and shouted, “Oh my god you have to come try on some hair…”  When I told her it was all fake she breathed reverently, “No shit” and began to touch it.  I started to carry on with my life when she asked where I got it.  As I was telling her, she was making hard eye contact like she didn’t want to miss a single word I was saying while backing away toward her kiosk computer so she could start googling.

Final verdict: I am still obsessed with wigs.

I have to store them on the top shelf of the closet so that Miss Sinon does not eat them.