a 21st century problem

I recently went on an online shopping rampage and the delivery of my shipment produced two solid complaints.

First of all, this amazing shade of purple EYESHADOW….


ColourPop has four formulas for their Super Shock eyeshadows: matte, satin, ultra metallic, and ultra glitter. I guess there’s also a secret fifth formula: not for use around eyes. That wasn’t mentioned on the product description. I figured it was safe to assume that since I was buying out of the Eyes section that I could probably use this on my eyes. What else should I use this purple eyeshadow for? Plz send help.

My other gripe: this is the 21st god damned century. Why doesn’t my online cart automatically tell me if my drunk ass added the same thing more than once? I was on that site for at least an hour, browsing slowly through all the options, waiting for pictures to load, adding and removing things from my cart. Why isn’t something on your site tracking the fact that I’ve been drifting around lackadaisically for the last hour and I need to be cut off? Don’t let me add the same thing twice! Thankfully there was only one instance of that in this case, but it could have been a fucking disaster.

Online retailers: hear my plea. I love online shopping, and I do it more often than I should. Keep me in check at least where you can. I could have saved like $10 for fuck’s sake.