recommend something

I find myself not looking towards another semester of college, and it is starting to feel weird.  This is the first time in almost five years that I’m not fighting to get into the classes I want, wondering what my schedule will look like, and wanting to read books for fun instead of for homework.

Instead I am relaxing.  I have time to finally get insurance on my house.  I have time to read for fun.  So much time, in fact, that I downloaded tons of samples for books from my favorite authors, and I hope to find something good enough to justify splurging the $7.99 to purchase the whole novel for my iPad.

We also procured a book about dog training, which I intend to read diligently and put to good use.  Isabelle is still a little shaky around people and I’m hoping to get some new insight into how I can overcome this barrier.  It’s hard to take her anywhere because she freaks out at pretty much anything that moves.

So here’s where I’m at.  All dogs aside, I would like some suggestions for good books.  I want to move out of my usual funk and explore something new.  I am open to pretty much anything!  So tell me what your favorite book is and I shall read it.

Because now I have time for anything.