parting ways, a rant

I have spent the last seven years or so rating songs on Pandora, carefully crafting my favorite stations for traffic and driving. Sure, it’s always been annoying not being able to rate songs from the lock screen and thus being forced to go back later and dislike the ones I previously just skipped through. Sure, sometimes I feel suspicious that songs I’ve thumbs-upped in the past change after the fact and are mysteriously censored the next time I hear them. But I’ve always been ultimately happy with the service and continued using it. Until now.

I’ve lost all fucking patience with Pandora. One day a truly heinous song came on and within seconds every one of my sensibilities were offended. I was so dissatisfied with this song I risked unlocking my phone and giving it a fat thumbs-down while driving. A few days later the same motherfucking song came on and I found myself staring at my phone and car radio controls, wondering how I could be so betrayed by such a trusted friend. This happened at least two more times after thumbing-down each instance, and happened with three other equally offensive bits of music.

As if Pandora refusing to accept my rejection of their suggestions wasn’t enough, they’ve started going completely off-base when selecting new music for the station. When I’m listening to a station seeded off Bassnectar, I sure as shit don’t want to hear Mozart’s composition of Symphony No. 40. When listening to a Lana Del Ray station, for fuck’s sake deep Disturbed off the line. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for these things…but I assure you this was not it. It got to the point I was skipping through more songs than I was enjoying.

My solution? I’ve canceled my subscription and forsaken the service as a whole, but only after going through my thumbs-upped songs and making a new playlist in Amazon Music. We’ve had a good run, Pandora, but it’s time we part ways.

what do you think?

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