an unexpected twist

So very much of my life has changed in the last ten months. I keep telling people I meet I just moved here from Colorado, only just recently realizing I’ve been here the better part of a year and using the phrase just moved quite loosely.  Time is a sneaky fuck and becomes all too easy to lose track of.

Actual footage of time evading me.

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so trying to cope with life’s most recent slap in the face: my best friend in the whole world, good ole’ Jill, was diagnosed with leukemia. Leukemia! I honestly didn’t know exactly what it was until I googled it and, well, quite frankly I still don’t. She’s been using terms like reasonably aggressive, bone marrow biopsy, and worst of all cancer. 

For those needing a refresher, I’ve written about Jill a handful of times: for month of thanks last year, again for month of thanks last year, birthday wishes, how much it sucked moving away in March, and how she saved the day during that fateful move. She’s my very best friend in the world and thinking about her and cancer in the same sentence makes me feel incredibly down.

Call me crazy, but I could really stand to get through the rest of 2018 without one of my closest people receiving a life-changing medical diagnosis. That may seem like an easily attainable goal, but after J and the diabetes in August I feel the odds are stacked against me even with only two weeks left in the year.

The last two weeks or so have also been spent appreciating the hell out of all my people, not just Jill. Life is too short not to check in with your friends on a regular basis. Don’t lose touch just because of distance or life or just general laziness. Anyone at any stupid time could suddenly have diabetes or fucking blood cancer and that’s when you may regret not taking the time to nurture those relationships.

what do you think?

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