month of thanks, day 16, modern medicine

As I’ve mentioned recently, J has type 1 diabetes. His pancreas just doesn’t do fucking anything useful anymore and he needs to manually provide insulin for his body to survive. Thankfully, he’s able to do that with modern medicine. Real medicine. Unfortunately there is a shockingly large following of people convinced you don’t need any of that silly shit to survive.

A quick Google search for cure diabetes yields some terrifying results:


The number of videos claiming cinnamon will cure diabetes is TOO DAMN HIGH. What in the actual fuck are these people thinking? One study showed eating cinnamon daily helped some people lower their blood sugar, and the world lost their damned minds. It’s horrifying.

Needless to say, J will continue using real insulin to treat his disease, and I’m happy we aren’t relying on cinnamon to keep him alive.

what do you think?

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