month of thanks, days 10-12, weekends

It was bound to happen: I got caught up in the loop of lovely laziness that is the weekend and I missed my daily posts. So here I am, making up for my lost thanks.


Everyone thinks they have the neatest of friends, and I’m no different. I appreciate the hell out of my friends, even though I’ve never met most of them in person. J and I met playing Xbox, and in the years since we’ve developed a close group of friends we play with almost daily. Our group exists across two countries and four time zones, and as actively adulting human people it’s been difficult lately for all of us to line our schedules up to get more than four or five of us online at a time. I’m in the earliest timezone and I usually work later than everyone else, so when I get home at 6p during the week it’s usually close to bedtime for my Central and Eastern timezone buddies. Because of this, we’ve taken to making up for lost time on the weekends. It’s the perfect scenario for my lazy ass: I get to hang out and do things with people whose company I enjoy greatly, without having to actually go anywhere or see anyone.

Game night summed up.

my apartment

Weekends are for lazing, and thankfully my apartment is located mere minutes from the only chores I will entertain during my break: grocery shopping and filling my gas tank for the week. Being so close to my destinations makes me feel as if I’m not actually adulting, because the trips are so brief. Compared to my M-F work commute, my weekend chores basically don’t even exist in the grand scheme of time-stealing activities.

People don’t think it be like that but it do.


The weekend provides me the comfortable luxury of brewing as much coffee as I want. During the week I have my one thermos each morning and usually switch to water until my lunchtime Dr. Pepper. But during the weekend, I leisurely drink as much coffee as my body can handle before I start vibrating through time and it’s fuckin awesome. Especially with the weather turning toward non-summer, the warmth was exceptionally comforting this weekend.

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