month of thanks, day 7, my residents

They’re really just residents, but after three months I’m already thinking of them as my residents. They are the people I work for every day, the real reason I care so much about my job. The community I was working with before this place had really vile and toxic residents, and it made my job….well, vile and toxic. These bitches are just as chill as can be, and I’m loving the relationships I’m building.

One resident is a stunt woman and has worked as a double for several well-known actresses in many well-known movies (for the sake of anonymity I will share none of these details). She’s the one who threw that bitchin Halloween Social I mentioned last week.

Another dude went to high school in Huntington Beach with the lead singer and bassist of my favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold, and told me stories of playing on the school basketball team with the “decidedly gothic and kinda scary” Matt Sanders.

Yet another dude builds highly custom gaming computers for normal folk and celebrities alike. He’s getting ready to donate a bunch of tech to the building to try to make it a cooler place to live.

There are two old dudes with the worst case of resting bitch scowl I’ve ever seen (I had to create that twist on RBF because it’s just a bit more extreme than that). They saunter about the place and usually have some complaint for me each day, from a mess they found in the hallway to drivers who don’t use their blinker. They always look and sound so pissed off when they talk to me, but they always start and end the conversations super politely. One of them has taken to making sure I have fresh flowers on my desk at all times.

So today I give a shout-out to my residents, for being so damned cool.

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