month of thanks, day 6, choices

Ok, you know I’m basically obligated to write about it.

We have choices to make as hardcore adulting people on this day. Boxes to fill in (or circles, depending on your location) or not fill in, people to elect or send on their way.

The choice not to vote always remains, but when given such an opportunity why squander it? Don’t passively observe this dumpster fire: don your adulting pants for a minute and go do the thing if you haven’t already.

The luxury of making choices is one that should be cherished, because it’s the pinnacle of independence and stability. On a scale a little less extreme than the midterm elections, you can see this truth in individuals when considering money. Someone who always carries a comma in their checking and savings has the ability to choose what brand and quantity of laundry soap they want without much regard for anything beyond their desires. Someone donating plasma as often as allowed on top of working two jobs just to pay the bills will always choose the cheapest laundry soap out of necessity.

I’m thankful I’m back to having choices, and today helped me realize that. Being an adult usually means we have the responsibility to make more choices than we maybe rightly want to, but as my grandfather would have told me: tough shit.

what do you think?

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