month of thanks, day 5, bad experiences

Bad experiences are, well, bad. But I like to perceive them as learning opportunities to soften the blow of how much reality might suck ass.

When I started in the HOA business I was lucky enough to work with an amazing manager who really knew her shit and was brilliant at basically every aspect of her job. Her one shortcoming came down to board meetings.

Sitting through a board meeting with this woman was actual torture. She could never keep people on agenda, couldn’t curb side conversations causing repetitive group discussions, and generally just let anyone speak at any time for as along as they wanted on whatever topic struck their fancy that day. It was chaos. The ultimate result was a four-hour meeting that really should have only taken 45 minutes or so. And this happened at least once per month, depending on how feisty the rest of our portfolio was being and how many meetings I needed to attend.

Now I’m running the meetings, and damn it feels good knowing what not to do. Despite the occasional pushback I receive during the meeting if I have to call someone out for talking, I always receive compliments after the meeting when they realize they’ve just made a dozen decisions for the community in less than 30 minutes.

what do you think?

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