a vague presence

I already had a super vague online presence, but I deleted Facebook last week, making myself even more scarce. It wasn’t until after I got rid of FB I started noticing all the talk about #deletefacebook and now I feel like I’ve accidentally joined some sort of movement. I also have read so many articles I now can’t remember why I got rid of it in the first place; I think it had something to do with a complete lack of utility. I realized I wasn’t actually using it for anything except another place to mindlessly scroll when I found myself bored.

I downloaded an archive of my profile before nixing the thing, and one of the first random message folders I opened in the file contained a conversation I evidently had with Dairy Queen back in 2010. I can assure you that while I love the creamy deliciousness of their soft-serve, I never struck up a conversation with them nor did I solicit messages from them in any way. Yet there it was. Weird. Only reinforced my decision to delete.

So, do I feel relieved to have rid myself of a social media outlet? Well, not really. I replaced Facebook with Twitter. I did that because, from what I can tell on Reddit, Twitter seems to be an active place where a lot of the YouTubers and people I enjoy following elsewhere are present as fuck. If you go to my Twitter page, you won’t see much. I gave myself a name and a picture and haven’t said shit. Maybe I will one day. I’m still not totally confident in my ability to navigate the platform.

Anyway, I feel great without Facebook. I made sure to connect with people via text that I only talked to on Messenger….and then had to change my fucking phone number unexpectedly. It was a bit awkward to give out my number one day and then get a new number the next. But my loving sister couldn’t be bothered to release my phone number when I got my own phone plan (I’ve been on hers to help drive the cost down since I moved in).


I almost digressed into a rant. Turns out if you simply google delete facebook one of the first options is a link to FB to enter your password and schedule your deletion. Deletion isn’t the same as deactivation, it turns out. I ended up cancelling out the deactivation when I logged back in to actually delete. Another awkward moment.

Learn from me: if you decide to get rid of Facebook, make sure you give certain people (we all know that not every bitch on there cares) a way to contact you outside of the platform, don’t change your number immediately, and delete your profile for real the first time instead of disappearing then reappearing then disappearing again. Life can be awkward enough without that shit.

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