operation adulthood is underway

Adulting is coming at me hard right now. The last few days have been a flurry of adulty terms like renters insurance and security deposit and move-in date. I’m keeping it together, barely, just because the timeline is so tight I don’t have time to consider what’s actually happening.

Last week I talked about how the BF and I were apartment shopping. Saturday we signed a lease. This week I’m undertaking the most epic game of Tetris anyone has ever seen, packing my existence into my sedan. On Thursday I will be saying farewell to Colorado, and setting out to the west, to start a new chapter of my life.


I’m taking a brief break from the frantic packing to reminisce for a moment on Colorado, my life here, and what I will miss most from this life I’ve spent 29 years crafting.

My people. 

This goes without saying. When I broke the news to everyone I would be moving less than a week after returning from my latest trip to Cali, the basic timeline of it all shocked everyone. Thankfully my mom visited before my trip, and that timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve been able to fill my final days in Colorado with all the most wonderful people.

don't do it

I was most worried I wouldn’t get to see Jill, because she lives almost three hours away, but we met halfway on Sunday for lunch. The weather was beautiful, she brought my former companion Izzy, and we sat on the back patio of Fuzzy’s drinking beer and remembering our friendship. The fact she brought Izzy brought tears to my eyes; Jill was really thinking about me with that move. I was able to steal my Sister from work yesterday for a lunch date, and tonight everyone else is coming together for taco tuesday. I’m so happy I’ve been able to see everyone one last time, because I’m really unsure of when I might be back.

The drivers. 

I’ve driven hundreds of thousands of miles in my life. The sheer number of sporadic road trips I used to take before I started getting pets and the three random months I spent selling life insurance across Colorado puts my road time way above average for someone my age. Colorado has good drivers. Yes, there are idiots, but that’s to be expected—idiots are just an inherent part of the world outside. But the only place I’ve seen more courteous drivers is Texas, where the speed limit on the interstate is 90 and bitches will move out of the way if they see you coming up on their ass.

In Colorado, drivers traveling the opposite direction will flash their brights at you to warn you of upcoming speed traps or large animals near the road. It’s the simplest courtesy, like Hey man, you’re heading towards some shit and should keep a sharp eye out. I’ve never seen anything like that in California; do they do things like that there? I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve had brights flashed at me they were in my rearview mirror and I was in someone’s way.

cali drivers
Actual footage of every California driver.

The climate. 

It has taken me almost three decades years to figure out what the fuck my skin is doing and how to deal with it on a daily basis, and I still don’t truly know. Colorado is dry. We get precipitation, but the climate is dry. The air is dry, my skin is dry, the winter air makes the backs of my hands bleed. But my face is oily. My past experiences in more humid climates have left my makeup regimine dead in a mushy pile around my neck by mid-morning. Think good thoughts for me.

The mountains. 

You  might be thinking of course she said the mountains, everyone always says the mountains. I’m going to miss the mountains not because of their majestic beauty, but because I use the fuckers to navigate.

Growing up in Grand Junction, we had three mountains and the desert leading west to Utah. The Bookcliffs were north, the Mesa east, and the Uncompahgre south. When I moved to Fort Collins, I was left with only one directional monument: the fucking Rocky Mountains, west. There were too many trees in Fort Collins for me to see the mountains but the town is set up on a grid so it was difficult to get too lost. When I moved to Colorado Springs, it was the same deal: Rocky Mountains, west. But hey I can actually see them! Usually. If I’m not at the bottom of a monster hill.

California doesn’t know what mountains are. I hear there is a substantial hill near me, but I haven’t actually seen it yet.

The mountains are pretty fucking majestic, though…

rocky mountains
Taken on my final flight to visit Cali

I can’t hope to know how things will turn out. Right now I’m taking it one day at a time. I have very little doubt this is what we’ve been waiting for, and it will be most excellent. I might not be posting again until I’m 1,100 miles west, so I’ll throw one more old school reference gif in here for y’all.

until next time

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