the new snapchat

If you use Snapchat or if you’ve glimpsed the memes currently floating around, you’ll know that Snapchat recently had a major update and people are losing their shit.

losing it
The face of every Snapchat user that first day with the update.

Listen, technology does this thing where it like…I dunno, moves forward?

When Facebook switched to the “timeline” and got rid of the “wall” people similarly lost it. I was one of them. Facebook actually reminded me just last week about a post I had made emphasizing my skepticism of the change. I’m not posting in the third person anymore? The layout is funny. Where’d everything go?

Does anyone remember what old-school iOS looked like on the iPhone? If so, do you remember how you completely forgot how to even cellphone when Apple changed the design of their whole interface? There were suddenly options for dynamic wallpapers and some shit that made the screen look 3D, all the edges and corners were different, the spacing was off…I spent two days walking around work asking other iPhone users what they had discovered and to share their newfound secrets.

It takes some time, but it will be ok. There’s no need to be afraid. Change is sometimes terrifying but maybe reserve your energies for a change that actually requires panic. Like if you’ve lost a foot. Or if the zombie apocalypse suddenly begins. In the meantime, let’s put our energies toward something productive…like trying to learn the new Snapchat.

what do you think?

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