my favorite place on the internet

Has anyone noticed lately how keeping up with the news is kind of awful? The politics, the scandals, treasured celebrities dying?

for real though

Well I’m here today to enlighten some folks on a wonderful source of entertainment and information that, when used properly, can keep you in the loop just enough to add your own snarky comments here and there during conversations with your less-enlightened friends while at the same time not drowning you in negative bullshit.

Ok, enough hype: I’m talking about Reddit. Many of my friends use Reddit already, and others hear me reference it…I dunno, all the time? Maybe you’ve heard of Reddit and unknowingly use it as a resource during a Google search from time to time. I love Reddit because I can choose to see and much or as little of the “real world” as I want.

Reddit is an enormous online community of anonymous users, and operates in sub communitiesI can visit r/all and see all the tops posts that are currently trending, and even filter out the shit I don’t want to see (using keywords like Trump or politics, for example). If I don’t filter anything out, I get to see all kinds of perspectives on current affairs, with funny and interesting shit sprinkled in between.

When I want to see something specific, I just go find that subreddit! Here are some of my favorites:

This list is by no stretch of the imagination a comprehensive one. You like video games? There are many main subs and likely more specific ones for your favorites. You have a hobby? There’s a sub for it, filled with your people. You like nekkid people? Guess what, there are literally infinite subs for that. You like cosplay? You get the idea.


My favorite part about Reddit is that for each sub, there are assigned moderators that work very hard to keep users following the guidelines of each community. You might notice on r/interestingasfuck they have a sticky post reminding people that the sub is called “Interesting as Fuck” not r/mildlyinteresting. Get it together. There’s always a more specific sub for what you want. I’ve straight up been (temporarily) banned from subs because I’m an idiot and didn’t read the rules before posting.

You can browse with a Reddit account, or without. You post to Reddit if you have an account, or you can anonymously float through the endless abyss that is the internet. You can upvote, downvote, and comment. That’s it. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s Reddit.

what do you think?

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