well, this is awkward

In the last 12 years I have spent gainfully employed, I have never before been fired. Until yesterday.

I’ve always left a job on my own terms. I found something better, I’m moving two hours away, I hate your stupid face and want to punch it and laugh while I rub glitter in your wounds. All legit reasons to leave a place. But to be disinvited to return…this is a new feeling.

giphy (10)

If you’ve ever been fired, you either see it coming and quit first to avoid the embarrassment of the ordeal or you don’t see it coming at all and then you get punched in the stomach with the unemployment truthbomb of suck. Mine was the latter.

For those of you reading this that perhaps saw me around end-of-business yesterday, I must apologize. I wasn’t trying to be dismissive when I blazed past your offices giving perfunctory goodbyes for the weekend. I was actually on a mission to find a box to put all my shit in, and I didn’t have the heart to stop and tell you all No sorry, you won’t see me Monday.

I likely came off as rude to the CEO while she was stalking me through the office in my search for a box, and while she certainly wasn’t my favorite person at that moment I had no intentions of being belligerent or mean. So I just moved fast, filling the small box with what little I had in my office and all the booty from my snack drawer. Really I was trying to make it to the parking lot before I started ugly-crying.

the ugly cry
No one needs to see that.

The little information I have leads me to believe that no one was expecting this, and what’s more a few people were simply told She’s leaving us. Like I was jumping ship instead of being forced to walk the plank.

So for those of you still at the office, I fucking miss you guys already. I have spent more waking hours at that office than at home since starting this job, because I loved the people I worked with and I loved the work I was doing. Monday is going to be weird, so…have fun with that.

For those of you that have no investment in my personal life whatsoever, thanks for being here! And I promise the posts will get more lighthearted again after this.

what do you think?

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