one hell of a road trip

I decided to do a photo purge for the first time in….well, years. Everything from my phone was saved to the computer, and in the process I came across some serious gems. This one really struck me.

the beginning

But first, my current earworm: Eve 6, Promise. Pretty sure that song has the first pun I ever heard….

Anyway, this photo was taken on August 4, 2015. Sister had asked how work was going, and I was working at this super shitty company as an admin and I hated it. That day, however, I wasn’t at work. I had told my boss my grandma died and I was heading to Tennessee for the funeral. In reality, I was driving to California to meet this random dude I had been playing Xbox with for a few months.

Now, this is exceptionally crazy to think of these days with how much you’re told to do the exact opposite of any of this when online dating. I didn’t even have this guy’s phone number until I was in the middle of the desert and lost any semblance of LTE, causing Facebook messenger to cease working. Bitch, are you crazy?


I had decided the previous day I wanted to just go. My job was big pile of steaming ballsacks, I felt like I was stuck from every perspective of my life, and I wanted an escape.

I called my roommate Jill at lunch on Monday to tell her what I was doing—I probably wouldn’t have said anything to her if I hadn’t needed her to take care of the doggo in my absence. I knew she would tell me I was crazy (which I was) and that it was a terrible idea (probably not the best-thought-out plan). She did in fact do both of those things. But I wasn’t deterred! She begrudgingly accepted doggo duty, we worked out a system of checking in that I would follow during my journey, and my mind was set.

So when Sister asked how work was on Tuesday, I replied with this photo of my car’s navigation showing the 965 miles I had left of my drive. She also said I was insane. She supported me, because I think she was living vicariously through my spontaneity, but she was clearly conflicted.

I left Colorado at 6a MST that day, and arrived in Orange County around 10:45p PST (that nav estimate was creepily accurate). I met this dude at an In-n-Out near his house, because his parents thought I was the ultimate psycho and there was no way in hell I would find out where they lived by-god. Side note: if you think a 20-something can afford to exist in Orange County and not live with their comfortably-wealthy parents then you’re mental.


I was there for three days before making the trek back home. By the end of my visit I had been invited to a birthday dinner celebration for the younger sibling, his mom was affectionately referring to me as The Crazy Internet Lady, and we were happily joking about how I just wanted to steal his sperm so that I could have a baby to put in the spare room at my house that was currently empty just like my womb.

That trip was the beginning of something incredible. It was in no way planned, it wasn’t something a normal person would consider doing, and every (allegedly) sane person in my life told me that I was being an idiot. But in the end I found my SO playing Xbox, and met him for the first time after driving who knows how many hours straight against all logic.


Now we take selfies together at Christmas, and she still labels at least one of my gifts to The CIL and we all sit around and laugh. We laugh because in reality, we’re all batshit crazy. But look how happy we are! Crazy isn’t such a bad place to be.

2 thoughts on “one hell of a road trip

  1. Oh, I remember this trip! I was so mad at you mostly because I was scared of what could possibly happen on such a long drive. You could have been killed by truckers or kidnapped then sold into sex slavery. Or maybe just fallen asleep at the wheel because it’s a long ass drive.

    It obvs turned out to be just fine though and if i remember correctly, that trip solidified my relationship with booger. She officially loved me after that.


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