getting older

In this day and age, it’s rare for people to have actual computers anymore. Yes, a smartphone is technically a computer, but I’m talking about laptops and desktops. I love my laptop, even though I only use it for two things: Netflix and writing. I’ve had this same computer for….seven years? It’s old. And I’m only just noticing.

Last week, I noticed the backspace key was making a funny noise while I was furiously deleting extra spaces from my post on proper spaces-after-a-sentence etiquette. I picked my computer up the other day and the battery cover sort of shifted and made what felt like a slight popping noise. And then, I realized it.

My beloved companion is getting old and busted. I am also getting old and busted. My body creaks at unexpected times. My back is like, always hurting. I need more sleep than I used to. I need more nutrition than I used to. Touch me too aggressively, and I may fall apart.


So here I am with my old and busted computer, and I find myself thanking it for hanging in there. We’ve seen some shit, old friend. Here’s to many more years (even though you’ll likely be a technological dinosaur any minute now).

what do you think?

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