the state of humanity

My general outlook on humanity is people suck. It’s not that I hate everyone, it’s simply that I’ve had enough experience with humans to know that I’m safer to assume people suck and then let them redeem themselves from there. That may sound sinister, but being fucked over again and again by people you thought you could trust tends to make a bitch salty.

salty bitch

But that’s not what this post is about. I’ve found myself surprised recently not once or twice, but three times by random acts of kindness performed by my fellow humans. I realize we’re right on the tail of Christmas and a couple of these things may have just been late in arriving, however the fact that these people were thinking of me at all is kind of amazing to me.

First, let’s talk about my coworkers. My old manager (she’s not old, but she’s no longer my manager at our office) came in last week with a big box from Amazon filled with packing material and three items. One of the items was a Keurig filter of some kind to which she said, “Oh hey that’s actually mine, just in the same shipment.” She was just shopping for essentials on Amazon and came across these other two items and thought I would like them.

The first was a shirt that read Mermaid Hair Don’t Care, to accompany my blue wig. The second was one of those majestic mermaid-tail blankets that you see little girls in Facebook ads happily cozying up in, except it’s adult-sized and far more underrated than I would have previously given it credit for.

The enclosed bottom portion is perfect for a weirdo like me that can’t have cold ankles.  If my ankles are cold, my whole body in uncomfortable. I wear my tail whilst gaming, blogging, watching Netflix, and napping. Seriously, if you have ever considered one of these for yourself, fucking DO IT.  You’ll regret nothing.

Another woman I work with showed up one day and handed me a small package straight from the mail. Inside was a black coffee mug and she excitedly exclaimed, “Come with me to get some coffee!!” I had a feeling it was one of those heat-activated mugs but didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I followed her to the kitchen where she had her own black mug waiting. We both got our coffee, and watched as each of our mugs revealed multi-colored cat profiles. She had found them online one day and bought one for herself, but thought I would like one as well and ordered two.

This last thing was really the thing that made me step back and say Ok maybe decent people really are secretly existing out there in the world.

Last September I went to Georgia to spend some time with my mom and attend the local Fall Festival. One of the booths we kept going back to was manned by a local teacher that had a side business of selling hair accessories. My mom and I bought several clips from her over our multiple visits to her tent. We became Facebook friends. Weeks later she met my mom at a local Dairy Queen to trade out one of the clips that ended up being too large. Last week I received an order confirmation for a pair of leggings from this woman in Georgia, and I immediately messaged her because I thought she’d been hacked.  She said, “Oh shoot, that was supposed to be a surprise!”

cat legs

I asked her what the occasion was and she simply said, “I saw them on Facebook and they made me think of you.”


Here’s the deal: you never really know when a random pair of leggings or a set of mermaid gear is going to brighten someone’s day. As I surround myself with real-life adults and not fake robot people, I’m beginning to reevaluate my outlook on the state of humanity. Maybe people don’t automatically suck after all; maybe they do and I’m temporarily blinded by the awesome I’m suddenly drowning in.

what do you think?

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