what the duck

Something I’ve been seeing all over the internet lately is shade being thrown at “two spacers.” I myself didn’t even know what that was, or that I was one of them, or how that meant I’m the actual devil. Apparently, putting two spaces after each sentence when typing is like, so totally outdated. Some even go so far as to say that it’s “an ugly error that crosses every social boundary of class, education, and taste.” Woah.

I’ve noticed that my phone will automatically operate on the one-space rule when typing anything: the double-space reflex that usually creates two spaces on a computer, instead creates a period automatically for you and then leaves you with one socially-acceptable space. However I thought this was another case of phone trying to be smarter than human like when it autocorrects “fuck” to “duck” every single goddamned time even though I’ve literally never discussed ducks via text message.

curse you, autocorrect

Turns out, phone is just trying to teach me the error of my ways while at the same time perpetuating the habit of hitting the spacebar/button twice. Jerk.

After seeing this talked about on the line, I decided to do some research. I started typing two spa in the Google search bar and the immediate suggestion was two spaces after period. If Google already knows where I’m going with that, clearly I’m not the first person to investigate this phenomenon. What’s worse, I found this totally helpful article explaining why using two spaces is outdated (not at all like that first one that was just a shitfest on two-spacers) and it was written in 2014!!!! That’s (at least) four fucking years of living in pure blissful ignorance.

Now that we’re talking about it, you might be checking to see how my after-sentence spaces are doing. I’m here to tell you, I’ve had to go back and consciously remove one space after about half of these sentences.       I just can’t get out of the habit.              It’s harder than one might expect.

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