for science: part two

Welcome to part two of this installment of “Getting Drunk in the Name of Science.”  If you don’t know how the Drink Matrix was born as a way of justifying drinking more than usual, or if you want to know the best juice combinations for various flavored rums, feel free to visit part one of this installment.

Several months after the Rum Matrix was created, I went to visit my sister for a weekend when her kids were with their dad.  They had only recently divorced, and friends of my sister had been consoling her by bringing over various liquors.  She had five vodkas on hand when I arrived, so with most of the legwork done all we had to do was acquire five juices to create a balanced matrix.  Listen, I’m not good at math.  My sister is.  She should have known that five vodkas and five juices would result in taste-testing 25 beverages.  Alas, that was not the case.

we are fucked

We quickly realized that if we tried them all, we might just die.  So we settled with just making sure that one of the three unflavored vodkas was tried with each juice.  Just a note: there was also a bottle of melon Gatorade that we put some Grey Goose in to take with us to her soccer game, which was outside the normal test spectrum.

I should also mention, before we get into these drink names, that we were pretty obsessed with the Drinking Out of Cups video that weekend.  Could be worth the 2:44 minute watch before moving forward…

vodka matrix

And, let’s reflect a bit.

We needed more vodka flavors, but like I said we were working with what we had on hand.  Sorry.

Pinnacle Peach vodka seems to be having a good time over there no matter what the juice addition.  So many orgasms…

Cranberry juice seems to result in a Kool-Aid flavor more often than one might hope, although it will forever be a staple mixer for Grey Goose.

Peach mango juice seems to be on the struggle bus…Oh Fucking Christ (in a bad way) and I’d have to be drunk to like it are in no way encouraging.

Hard to go wrong with orange juice, am I right?

Neither of us recall if The Cynthia was a good thing or a bad thing…try at your own risk.

I’m confident that My Chair, My Problem was a good thing.

In summary, it’s a little hard to fuck up when mixing vodka.  The juice additions really depend on your own tastes and what you prefer, but feel free to use this as a reference for your future shenanigans.


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