the most obsessive kitteh in the land

Current earworm: Everclear, AM Radio.  You’re welcome.

Anyway, let’s talk about this lady for a minute.


My last trip to California was longer than usual, and resulted in Sinon suffering through five whole sleeps without me.  My return flight was delayed at the departing airport, the checked bags were delayed at the destination airport due to mechanical failures, it took me an entire 22 minutes to trek from the terminal across the frozen tundra of the economy lot to find my car, and by the time I made the 1.5 hour drive home it was well past 2am.  Did my majestic furqueen care that I had fully anticipated going to work in just six short hours?  Shit no.

That bitch would NOT let me fall asleep.  She was aggressively mashing her face against mine, meowing as loud as her frail demeanor would allow, and relentlessly kneading my throat.  Mom.  Ma.  Momma.  Mum.  Ma.  Mommy.  Mom.  Mum.  Pay attention.  Eventually, I finally did make it to sleep…only to be woken about an hour later by ferocious meowing right on my face.  Not near my face—ON IT.  I was almost suffocated by fluff.

I’m never allowed to leave that long.  Ever again.

Back in November, I ordered one of those hoodies with a kangaroo-like pouch for your furry friends.  I ordered it fully expecting Sinon to love it, because she’s always trying to cuddle with me.  All.  The.  Time.

This hoodie is the bee’s knees.  It arrived only yesterday, and it’s already her favorite thing.

The best part is that the fabric isn’t so thick that I can’t feel her tremendous purring.  However, it’s clear that the construction is questionable at best; the delivery timeline and the packaging confirmed it was totally from China.  The note that came with it thanking me for my purchase and telling me what to do if there was an issue was translated so poorly it looked like someone perhaps just punched the keyboard several times to compose the message, or maybe had a big bag of Scrabble tiles they drew at random and threw together.  I fully expect the stitching of the pouch to fail over time, but I have every intention of rigging it back up as many times as necessary to get as much use out of this thing as possible.

Hopefully, the next time I return from a trip I can just throw this sweater on and placate her while I unpack.  Last night she totally rode around the basement with me in the pouch, watched some Hulu with me, took several naps when Hulu bored her, and literally just hung there while I brushed my teeth before bed.  10/10 would recommend if you have a cuddly pet.

Wanna get down in a cool way?  Picture yourself on a beautiful day: big bell bottoms and groovy long hair, just walking in style with a portable CD player.  Good times.

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