when you have too much shit, magnets

I recently purchased and fell in love with ColourPop Super Shock Shadows.  It started innocently enough, with the Laura Lee NKLA Collaboration.  If you’ve never used these shadows, I’m pretty sure they’re made of pure witchcraft because they have a cream-like consistency in the pot but then blend out perfectly and totally dry like any normal shadow.  Over the weekend, I was a few beers in and decided to do some online shopping.  The next day I noticed my order confirmation and realized I have 33 eyeshadows on the way.  Thirty-fucking-three.  My initial thought was what in the actually hell do you think you need all those colors for but we don’t need that negativity so it was quickly followed by where in the actual FUCK are you going to store them?!


I set out for Michael’s, on a mission for a magnetic board of some kind and a shitload of adhesive magnets.  In a twist of oxymoronic fate, I found this black magnetic whiteboard that perfectly suits my needs.  I also found approximately 7 miles of adhesive magnets.  I had no real idea how much shit this board would hold, and thought I may need to go back for another one.  Surprisingly, it holds all eight of those giant highlighters and you see those four little white pots at the top?  Yeah those are the Super Shocks I have lying in wait for their cavalry of backup to arrive in the mail.  I’m pretty sure they will all fit in the remaining space.  I’m pleased with how this ~$30 project turned out.

Now I just need a better way to organize my palettes.  I keep going back to Scrabble trays attached to the walls, but there has to be a better way.  Surely.

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