an intriguing perspective

I mentioned in my birthday post yesterday that my friend Jill is undertaking a 30 Before 30 challenge to accomplish 30 new things before her next birthday (one year from now).  I have another friend that has started an equally intriguing project with the goal of learning about….well anything.

Melonie started Circle to not only broaden her own set of life experiences but also to share those experiences with others interested in learning about new cultures, ideas, hobbies, people…anything.  She has created a Facebook page as a main hub, but has a YouTube channel and Instagram just getting started as well.  This is a blossoming community; it’s small right now.  With Melonie’s charisma, however, I expect it to flourish.

In Melonie’s latest YouTube video, she says, “I enjoy life.  I enjoy people.  There are so many experiences out there, why would I want to limit mine to what I already know?”

Why would I want to limit mine to what I already know

That statement has been bouncing around in my head since I heard her say it.  I know it’s not a new idea, but perhaps hearing it uttered in her angelic voice had the resonance to actually make an impact.  Maybe I’m just at the point in my old and busted life that statements like that are starting to mean something to me.  Either way, I’m stoked about her project.  She is looking for people to interview for the project, so hit up those social media pages to get in touch if you’re interested in sharing your perspective.

I stole this photo off Melonie’s page (for the purpose of using it here, no malice intended).

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