happy uterine bastille day, bitch

My main bitch, Jill.  On this epic day, 29 years ago, Jill came bursting forth from her mother’s womb, slippery and disgusting, probably crying like a salty wench.

I don’t know what fucked up series of decisions she made for her path in life to merge with my equally-if-not-more fucked up path a mere three years ago, but I’m eternally grateful she managed to stumble across my wandering self.  I want to take a moment to reminisce about Jill…

Isabelle attacking Jill while we were moving her into the house and putting her books on shelves in the living room,  and Jill fending off the dog with a set of and bookends.

Jill cooking dinner for me and us eating together while I “paused” my online gaming with friends.

Jill confronting me about my poor social skills and lack of effort I give for people in the real world, me getting pissed and moving the tv into my room, and the fight that ensued that night when we came dangerously close to throwing down in the kitchen.

Me realizing she is probably right, as usual, and becoming a better friend because of it.

The time I wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday, but Jill snuck off to Whole Foods and got my favorite cake with Happy Birthday, Jupiter iced on it (it actually said Jupiter, that’s not simply an extension of my online persona).

Our first Christmas.  We spent the actual holiday apart but the night I came back from California we put on holiday music, put a fake fireplace on the tv, and opened the presents we had been collecting for each other under our tree.

There is so much I could say about Jill.  Instead, I will leave this post here to forever remind her how awesome she is, how much I appreciate her, and how much she has impacted my life.

Jill is currently undergoing a monumental 30 Before 30 challenge, and is documenting it here.  She’s an incredible writer and has a whole list of overzealous shit she wants to get done in the next year.  Overzealous isn’t usually my style, but I love her for all her adulting anyway.  Feel free to head over there and see what that bitch is up to.

Glitter and Bowie. I got you, girl. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Happy Uterine Bastille Day, Jill. ❤

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