i am a shapeshifter

IMG_4508I wore this wig for 12 hours yesterday and had a fucking blast.

Normally, I wouldn’t dare wear something like this to work.  I decided, however, that life is too short and too full of possibilities to worry about what people would think if I wore a wig.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Everyone at work was amazed, and thought they were extensions.  Each time I told someone it was a wig they froze, eyes got big, and they leaned in closer to inspect because they couldn’t quite believe the extent of my shapeshifting abilities.

In the afternoon I went to a Board meeting for my job, and the results there were hilarious.

My god, your hair is getting so long!  Holly, I realize it’s been like three weeks since you last saw me, but I can assure you my hair did not grow two feet during that time.

You’ve never worn your hair down, I had no idea how long it was!  This is totally fake.  It’s a wig.  But thank you.

How long have you been growing your hair like that? Betty, this is fake.  It’s a wig.  Oh shit I’m dumb.  (That was a resident that’s at least 112 years old, right in the middle of the meeting).

So now, I am obsessed with wigs.  I want to buy all of the wigs.  ALL OF THEM.  I will keep y’all posted as my collection grows.  Spoiler alert: the next one will likely be the same style, but bubblegum pink.

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