humans are gross


Random strangers, I just grossed myself out.  I recently had my nose pierced (there’s some shit here and here about that little adventure).  Somehow in the three weeks since I’ve had this new hole in my face, I have not (until JUST NOW) realized how fucking hairy the inside of my nostrils are.

Ok, I have questions.

Have they always been that hairy and I’ve seriously never noticed?  Pre-piercing aside, in the last three weeks have I just been oblivious to the massive tangle of undergrowth going apeshit in there?  Ah fuck, is that…..can you seriously see the hairs going rogue from like two feet away?!  How long have I been living like a savage with these unruly nose hairs just flailing around in people’s faces?  Did I really just pluck a cluster of the little shits with my bare fucking hands? What is life?

I’m starting to think I need to take one of my mini eyebrow trimmers that has been repurposed to be a beard/mustache trimmer and repurpose that to be a nostril trimmer.  So….yeah.  Humans are gross.

what do you think?

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