rant impending

gonna explode

When in the actual fuck did it become ok to just say whatever is on your mind to people in a professional setting?  I get it if my bestie is telling me that I look tired but when three separate people in my professional life tell me I look tired, I have to wonder if I’m chronically ill.  That is the only reason they would say something like that out loud to another adult human that they aren’t besties with, right?

Another example: last week I decided to wear an absurdly dark blue-gray liquid lipstick, one that I normally wouldn’t have worn into work, but shit it was applied and it wasn’t coming off without redoing my whole face.  An older coworker of mine saw me that day, stopped dead in her tracks and said, “Oh honey, what did you do to your face?”

Ummmmmmmm areyoufuckingserious?

“I guess that color just makes your teeth look funny, I’m sorry.”

You’re shitting me.

So I’m just sitting here wondering where in the hell these people went to get their most recent dose of crazy, because being that oblivious to the world must be pretty awesome.

what do you think?

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