month of thanks, day 25, net neutrality

A loose interpretation of what the Internet will look like if we fuck this up.

We’ve all been hearing about it.  We all know what it is.  This shit is cray and I discovered an easy way to speak out about net neutrality that I’d like to share with y’all today.  It’s so fucking easy, even my lazy ass doesn’t mind participating.

Text “resist” to 50409.  That’s ResistBot.  He’s a bro.  He’s gonna ask for your contact information and YOU GIVE IT TO HIM.  He’s not gonna do weird shit with it.  What he is gonna do is locate your local representatives that will be voting on net neutrality in December and then that cheeky bastard lets you write a letter that he will send via email and fax to directly to their offices.  All via text message.  As if that wasn’t easy enough, he’s already reminded me today to do it again.

PS I am referring to ResistBot as a male simply because the robot emjoi that gets sent back in the first reply is lacking a bow in its transistors.  It’s likely just a hive mind made up of Matrix-like pods of human batteries at this point.

what do you think?

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