month of thanks, day 19, efficient people


I was impulsive yesterday and got my nose pierced.  In that experience, I realized that I am super grateful for professional piercers…let me tell you how this went down.

Piercer: I’m going to stick this metal tube up your nose so that I don’t stab myself.  Your eye will water, just let it until we’re done.

metal tube is inserted as described

Piercer: Ok, are you ready?

Except she didn’t finish that sentence before my nose had a new hole in it.  There was no countdown, there was no nervous waiting, the bitch just went ahead and did what she needed to do and I love her for that.  I’ve had a lot of random piercings in my life, and this is by far the smoothest one to date.  In and out in less than 15 minutes, super happy with the experience and the result.

So today, a shout out to bitches that get shit done.  Thanks for being awesome, Pens and Needles staff.

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