month of thanks, day 18, jill

This beautiful bitch has had such an impact on my life in the last three (?? four?) years since we’ve met.

Lemme tell you about Jill.  I found her on Craigslist some number of years ago when I was bored living alone and searching for a roommate.  We met for the first time in a local coffee shop, and right before she moved in we both had car accidents.  T-boning a vehicle that has run a red light is some tight timing and mighty impressive, but the traffic gods graced us both with the same shitty situation, as the t-boner, within 24-hours of each other.  Perhaps the pure randomness of that coincidence should have been an indication of the roller coaster of a friendship that ensued, yet we both just forged ahead with reckless abandon.

Over the years living together, we have managed our equally strong personalities with a lot of tacos and beer.  Like, an actual shitload.  Did we fight?  Yes.  Did we almost throw down in the kitchen like once or twice?  Hell yeah.  But we always ended up with tacos and beer, because sometimes that’s just what you need to successfully adult.

In the last year, she supported me when I decided to move away to hang with Sister, and she adopted my doggo (pictured above) because I couldn’t bring her to Sister’s house.  She has shown that antisocial, hyperactive little shitangel more love and patience than I think I ever did, and I love her even more for that.  In the last few months, she helped me deal with a slimy asshat that was buying my house.  This dude was an actual nightmare, but she dealt with the local transition of the property since I don’t live nearby…because she’s the tits.

We spent countless hours nerding out over makeup, bingeing Netflix and eating our weight in cheese, cuddling with the dog on cold days reading, thrift shopping, and just generally coexisting in a way that (usually) made us not want to set each other on fire.  She spent all her time in books before meeting me, and had not seen ANY movies.  Like, at all.  Like, couldn’t even fathom a Back to the Future or Star Wars reference.  So she patiently went along with my psychotic need to give her a movie education (a movi-cation, if you will) and we made it through maybe half my collection with the time we had.  She knows things now.

When the house sold, she seized an opportunity to fulfill her dream of moving to the Pacific Northwest.  I’m so happy that she is doing well, but fuck I miss her.  Who am I supposed to drag out for tacos and beer at the drop of a hat?  All my friends these days have kids and other stupid shitty adulting things they have to give priority to, and I’m over here buying obnoxious cat-print dresses for upcoming holiday parties.

I miss my Jill, and I hope she reads this and gets off my dick about not including her in my first post of the month 😉 YOU’RE TOO IMPORTANT FOR A GROUP POST.  I GOT TOO MUCH LOVE TO SHOW YOU, BITCH.

3 thoughts on “month of thanks, day 18, jill

  1. […] Jill and I bought the star and the skirt our first Christmas together.  Until then, I had  just rigged a particularly spiky-looking ornament to the top with lights in lieu of a real star and I rocked the nekkid undercarriage look.  I like to think that purchase was one of my first steps to being a real adult, which we all know fucking sucks, but remembering those times with Jill tonight was just delightful.  That bitch loves Christmas, and we always made a whole event of decorating beforehand and spending time opening presents together as our own little family unit. […]

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