month of thanks, day 8, internet


Guys, I don’t know what in the actual fuck I would do without the internet.  Technology is cool and all but without the internet, an iPhone is just a really expensive iPod (praying to sweet baby jesus that you even have music downloaded on that thing) which might be able to make a call here and there.  I use the internet for everything.  I use it to hang out with my friends on Xbox, shop, pay bills, watch tv, book plane tickets, order takeout, catch up on news, talk to you people, and keep in touch with my momma.

Once a major lightning storm took out power in my entire region of town for about 8 hours.  My first thought was Shit yeah a day of netflix on my fully-charged laptop.  I quickly realized that with the power goes the wifi.  The reception at my house was total trash, so I wasn’t even able to reliably send or receive text messages all day.  Just garbage.

So, shout out to the internet.

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