month of thanks, days 1-6, the staples

I keep seeing friends post on social media each day what they’re thankful for during this stereotypical month of thanks.  I need to get in the habit of writing more.  I see an easy out and dammit, I’m taking it.  Clearly need to catch up, as I can’t rightfully participate if I’m only thankful for 25 things this year.  So let’s do this…


IMG_4281Well ok, duh.  I love this sweet fluffball more than I could have imagined I would three months ago when I found her up for adoption.  I may have been the one to technically rescue her, but she’s been my therapy cat without knowing it this whole time.



She’s not even my sister.  She was married to my piece-of-shit brother until two years ago and she got me in the divorce.  This beautiful bitch has been working tirelessly to provide for her two sons since The Jerk left, working full time as an engineer.  She was also reffing soccer games as a night job until I said ENOUGH OF THIS and I moved in to help with my nephews and help her maintain some semblance of sanity.  In the last year I have watched her struggle, thrive, lose her mother, and fall in love.  Soon I will be bidding her adieu and moving away again, but I will forever cherish this time that I’ve spent with my family.


Her reply to a Snapchat of my gifts for a baby shower (wrapped in cat-patterned paper) captioned “28, unmarried, going to baby shower’s like…”

This might seem overly obvious, but allow me to elaborate.  I met my mom for the first time only five years ago.  I spent my childhood being told that she was a generally awful person that abandoned me to live with my dad’s parents when he (dad) went to prison.  It turns out, as usual with family drama, it was total poppycock.  We finally were able to connect in 2012 because her sisters launching a full-on Facebook investigation to locate me.  Since then, I have made a wonderful friend in my mother.  Not to mention it helps me further convince myself I feel like a normal person, with like, parents and shit.  But in all honesty, until recently I didn’t really know what it felt like to have someone like a parent to turn to for support or a hug or a slap across the face or anything like that.  It’s been cool.  Also, I’m exceptionally stoked because she is visiting from out of state this Friday!


A screenshot he took of my character, edited, from the game we met playing.

Ok we might as well just get all the serious shit I’m thankful for out of the way first.  I met my boyfriend playing Xbox Live.  There is no reason in the ever-living hell that we should have ever connected and fallen in love, but after just a few weeks I was convinced enough to call into work with a fake death in the family so that I could drive 17 hours and meet him for the first time.  Fast forward to two years later: we still live apart but are preparing to bridge the gap, and holy fucknuggets there literally is no one that could be a better match for me.  We have the same sense of humor, the same taste in entertainment, and even the same outlandish ideas of erotica.  I’m just too lucky with this one.


I fucking love my job, and I think this is the first time I’ve ever really been able to say that with any confidence.  I manage HOAs, and I have some weird and horrifying and simply mind-boggling stories from this industry.  No day is exactly like another, and I get to help people all the time.  Whether it’s evicting a hooker or sending out a work order to remove squirrels from the wall, I think I may be making a difference.


If there is one thing that I love more than those staple items covered above, it’s god damned leggings.  My wardrobe consists of black and gray items, and lately I’ve decided to be brave and venture out quietly with some colorful as FUCK leggings.


Here’s why I am obsessed with leggings:

  1. warm (more layers is always a good thing in Colorado)
  2. colorful, but easy to hide under a desk and maintain the aura of my RBF
  3. go-to method to avoid shaving my legbeards
  4. comfortable as fuuuuck
  5. so many designs and colors, it tricks people into thinking I’m wearing different outfits

So that brings us up-to-date on this whole “month of thanks” business.  Like I said, I’m taking this horribly easy out as a way to encourage myself to write more, so here we go.



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