adulting at its finest

When I began this blog back in 2011, I was still generally positive and optimistic about what the future held.  I still am, but in the last six years I’ve been brutally awakened to some realities of adulting that I just could do without.  I’m lucky if I make it through a day without wanting to set someone on fire for being so incredibly dumb.  I sometimes even find myself muttering I’m going to set these bitches on fire but I know I can’t, because I’m an adult which means just tolerating them and avoiding prison.  In the meantime, money disappears and wanders off as soon as it is earned, and I find myself being awkwardly excited about buying things like a pillow or a set of clothes hangers.  Education?  Yep.  Debt?  Absolutely have that.  Ability to make it through any given day without wanting to give up and go take a nap?  Not so much.  But every day I get up and do it all again, because that’s what adulting comes down to.  So this blog is going to be something of a dumping spot for all my random gripes about being an adult, and hopefully we can giggle at the minor travesties along the way.

To those of you that never unsubscribed when I went radio-silent back in 2012, surprise!  However I won’t feel bad if you leave now.  I hope to keep this somewhat up and running for a hot minute if you decide to stick around, though.

what do you think?

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