skele-toes? yes, please.

I’m realizing that it is much harder to say “yes” to biking to work when there is a car in the driveway.  But no one said it would be easy.

Perhaps this is an excuse of sorts, but I’m currently waiting for my new biking shoes to be delivered.  By “biking shoes” I am not referring to the fancy yet intense biking shoes that clip into specialty pedals.  I simply mean that I need shoes that I can wear on my bike that will not kill me (like my flip flops) and that I can also wear to work.  This is because my aforementioned water backpack, while it fits a lot of the things I need to take with me to work, refuses to fit a change of clothes and snacks AND a change of shoes.  And even though I’m getting into this whole health business, I refuse to sacrifice my snacks for the sake of decent footwear.

So here’s what I found in the way of biking shoes.  I chose the purple ones.

I spent all of 30 minutes searching for shoes on Amazon.  Then after opening several dozen tabs of possible shoe choices, I narrowed it down to one pair.  Thankfully, Eric made me do the responsible thing and shop around.  So I did what any responsible 20-something in 21st century America would do: I went to several shoe stores, tried on lots of shoes, then immediately went (using my phone) to Amazon to find them for a cheaper price.  Usually I refuse to buy shoes online (because sizes vary so drastically), but after trying them on in the store, I knew exactly what size/color I needed/wanted.  It was a glorious bit of mastermind on the part of us lowly (post) college students.

I was quite skeptical of the whole Skele-toe fad.  Apart from the fact that I can’t live with the idea of wearing shoes without socks (unless they are very strappy and sandals and don’t cover my feet in any way except on the soles), the whole toe thing kinda creeped me out.  Why would I want to wear these strange shoes that when placed next to normal shoes look like an abomination?  I still don’t know.

my soon-to-be biking shoes.

But it turns out that they actually are as comfortable as everyone says.  They have enough airflow that I’m less creeped out by the fact that I literally can’t wear socks with these, even if I want to.  They’re sturdy on the bottom and comfy on the top.

When all is said and done (and if I ever get the damn shoes in the mail…3-5 shipping days somehow turned into 7-12 shipping days) I will be able to bike with these to work and also wear them at work, alleviating the problem of packing shoes.

Now there is more room for snacks…


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