So we have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks.  Eric started the Spring semester two weeks ago, and right before the first day of classes we embarked on an endeavor of epic proportions.

We finally updated to a king bed, which is something so amazing that I can barely express in words its level of supremeness.  For the record, two people sleeping in a queen bed is not a problem.  It’s cozy, warm, and other such nonsense.  Problems arise, however, when you enter one little dog into the equation.  It’s not impossible to get comfortable, but there’s a small part of you that is constantly terrified of crushing the little boy beyond recognition if you were to roll over in the wrong direction.  So it becomes a little tense.

The real problems start when you add another, much larger, dog into the bed.  She is a huge horse-like apparatus that somehow manages to steal all the covers just by lying on top of them, positioned in between the two human bodies.  She also tends to spread herself out long-wise, so that the two said humans can only lay on their sides, otherwise they risk the fate of plummeting off the bed and onto the floor.

So in the preparing for the arrival of this new bed, we had to do some rearranging.  For me, that means going crazy and cleaning/rearranging/organizing/moving everything in the three bedrooms that we have.  One bedroom was filled with a lot of overflow stuff that I was too lazy to take out to the shed.  The other was being used as Eric’s dojo.  The third was being slept in every night.

Bedroom one was emptied entirely, and remodeled.

I swear there were spatter patterns on the walls.

This was the bedroom when it was empty, pre-remodel.  Very scary, very 90’s, very crime-scene.

no amount of remodel abilities on my part can straighten out that damn socket.

This is what we turned it into.  It is now used solely as Eric’s dojo.

Bedroom two was retransformed into the master bedroom, because it was the only room that would feasibly satisfy the dimensions of the damn king.  I like sleeping in the master bedroom again.  The third bedroom has hardwood floors, and we were sleeping in there because Izzy was very unreliable in the wee hours of the morning when it came to her bowel movements.  The hardwood floors allowed a much easier surface from which to clean poo, so we sleep-trained her in there.

In the meantime, the dogs are doing well.

brother-and-sister love.

Izzy is becoming more a cuddler as she approaches her one-year birthday.

the little guy gets cold.

The little guy likes to be snuggled in any amount of blankets during the colder times of this weirdly not-so-cold winter.

That is all for now….except that LiteraryLadybug nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award! I’m not entirely sure how it works, but yay!  If I read more blogs I would be able to nominate some other folks, but I kinda fail at the whole do-unto-others thing in the cyber world.  I don’t know if people who have already been nominated can be nominated again, or voted for, or whatever…but I would totally nominate/vote for my friend LiteraryLadybug for sure.

5 thoughts on “updates

  1. Love your remodel! That apple green is awesome! Your “Brother and sister Love” Pic is priceless! You should put it on a coffee mug or something. Just adorable!

    • Thanks! We were able to paint the room in a day, since it’s pretty small. Eric chose the apple green (its actual “official” name was “Martian”) and the bottom sort of looks black but it’s actually a shade of purple called “Boysenberry Jam.” It’s really funky haha.

      The dogs have been cuddling like that a lot lately, and this time I happened to have my phone within arm’s reach so that I could take a picture. They were using my leg as a pillow, so by reaching I risked losing the moment. But it was worth it!!

      • Love the name of the color! Martian! Awesome! I was wondering if the bottom was black or textured or what. A deep purple makes sense now. Love the combination! And are those carpet squares or a mat? I assumed it was a mat so there would be padding on the floor. They look really cool!

        That’s always the bummer with taking critter pictures. The act of documenting the coolness will often disrupt the moment. I think that’s why when you catch something as cute as you did it should be placed in concrete somehow. Too Cute!

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