This is for my friend LiteraryLadybug.

I have been trying in vain for the last ten minutes to post a comment to your blog.  I switched browsers.  I tried using my name instead of my WordPress account.  Nothing seems to put the cyber world to peace.

I just wanted to tell you that if you like Modern Marvels, you would love Dirty Jobs.  It looks gross and weird but…ok it’s sometimes gross and weird.  But it’s one of those shows from which you learn loads of random and neat information.  And it’s on the Discovery Channel, which for me has become infinitely more reliable a source than the History Channel, seeing as History has been adding more shows that are less informational and more solely for entertainment purposes.  Like some crap about shooting competitions and something even worse involving Larry the Cable Guy.

But anywho, I also tried commenting a while ago on another one of your posts.  Emma was posing in one of your knit creations (I want to call it a scarf, but you had a fancier name for it, and it may not have fundamentally been quite a scarf…) and I wanted desperately to tell you that I can’t even handle how cute Emma is as your model.  I swear if I put something like that on one of my dogs, it would be in a million pieces before I turned the camera on.

I applaud your amazing knittingness and your diligent weight management—I am similarly fighting my endless desire for all things edible…and it shows.  I have to buy larger slacks soon.  Like, tomorrow.

I just can’t share any of this on your blog, and for that I am sad.


8 thoughts on “frustration.

    • Thanks for the nomination! I’m not too familiar with this award, but you have opened my eyes to the glamorous world of blog-inspired recognition.

      Keep on blogging, because you are one of my favorites. An inspiration!!

      ps…I tried posting the above comment on your blog post, but alas, the system thinks that I am a robot even though I am typing in the captcha letters exactly. Humpf.

      • It’s STILL doing it?!?!? GARG!!!! I have changed my comment thingy to the pop up window rather than an embedded comment form – I thought that would do the trick! Grrrr blogger. I will keep researching and hopefully some day you will be able to comment. 😦 Sorry about that friend!

        And I love reading your blog too. 🙂 Keep blogging!

  1. ARGH! This makes me sad! I don’t know why it’s not letting you leave comments! ARGH! I don’t know how to fix this. 😦 I will do more research tonight and see if I can figure anything out. I am so sorry you have been having to go through such frustration. 😦 Not. Cool.

    I have caught a couple episodes of Dirty Jobs and liked the few I caught. It’s one of those shows I never seem to remember until I run across it. The Discovery Channel is way better than the History Channel. Swamp People? Really?

    I am really lucky with Emma! She is the best knitwear model! I love my dog like Crazy!

    Again – I am so sorry my blog is evil. I will try and figure out what is going on with the not allowing comments issue. That just sucks! And thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about it! You rock lady!

    • So if you noticed, I was able to leave you a comment today!! It turns out your blog doesn’t like my blog, and so I couldn’t comment as my WordPress self. I used just my name instead and it accepted me as a valid person.

      Yay 😀

      • I NOTICED! How exciting! We can actually converse back and forth! I wonder why Blogger is being such a jerk about wordpress. Jealousy I bet. 😉

        YAY Indeed!! 😀

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