it’s ok.

Five years ago I found out that I needed to get a root canal.  I was a freshman in college and I had no money, and barely had a job.  My uncle was nice enough to take me to a dentist for my procedure.  I watched him pay for the first half of the root canal, and he never said, “Hey, you’re going to need to pay the rest” or “Yeah I can’t pay for the rest of it.”  So naturally, my eighteen-year-old self figured that it was taken care of.

Recently I applied for a home equity loan, and was denied because I have an account that is out for collection.  This was surprising to me.  Sweet old Uncle Dan never paid off the procedure and also never told me about it (not before or after he disappeared without notice into the great oblivion that is Arizona).

Now, I’ve never had the best experiences with my family.  There’s a lot for me to complain about when it comes to the people that were around while I was growing up, but eventually I gave up on caring.

Somehow, though, I’ve found myself really caring about this recent experience.  What the hell kind of people raised me?  More importantly, why did I not know about this?  It’s been at a collection agency since 2009.  So I called the people at this place, and  the number they had for me was 1) a phone number that I’ve never had and 2) the phone number for a Fort Collins Best Buy.  So my newest question….was my uncle intentionally sabotaging me by giving them false information?


Now I’m moving on.  Soon I’ll be able to apply for the loan again, because the damn account will be paid off.  In the meantime, my uncle can just go hop in a canyon.

Thanks for listening.

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