leftover turkey dinner?

Go ahead and make a pot pie.  I used this recipe.

The only alterations we made on this one:

  • Instead of three small potatoes we used leftover mashed potatoes.
  • Instead of just carrots we got a frozen concoction of carrots and peas.

Seasonings and cubes.

Onions, carrots, peas, and celery.

All goes in the pan (except the cubes).

Add two cups of water and the cubes.

Turkey, flour, and milk in a separate pan.

All combined and heating until thick.

Into the empty shell it will go.

Then covered and made all pretty (courtesy of Eric and his great fluting).

All done!

And unfortunately we ate it all before I thought to take pictures of the inside, but you get the idea.  It was pretty tasty, but next time we will alter it a bit to add some flavor.  This recipe didn’t have too much kaPOW!  Great way to use up some leftover dinner makins, though.

what do you think?

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