typical holiday sentiment

This last weekend Eric and I entertained a most wonderful visit from the ENTIRE family.  This is a big deal because this was the first time that we had Mom, Ross, Oma, Opa, and Liz with us in Fort Collins.  They always come up in little chunks of traveling bandits, but for this one weekend we were all together.

Why, you may ask, would five people travel 300 miles to visit two people who could feasibly travel lighter and easier?  Well, it’s because college graduations can’t really be moved to another town on a whim.

That’s right.  On Saturday December 17th, 2011, I managed to graduate from Colorado State University.

This was a joyous occasion that warranted the whole Stegmann/Smith clan to pick up and haul out in their newly rented Suburban and blaze a trail through the Rockies and up I-25 to our humble lil’ abode.

We managed to celebrate graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and mom’s birthday all in one tiny Saturday.  The results were fascinating.

Anywho, we had an amazing day/night.  We ate Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner before the grad ceremony, and Ross went to town in our kitchen.  He had a ball playing with the gas stove (they have an electric one at home…he was spoiled this weekend) and made some of the most amazing food.  I usually dismiss leftovers, but I’ve been eating some of them every day since they left on Sunday.

Oh and also, they also packed their new puppy.

Molly is the cutest pile of skin that you will ever see.  She slept most of the time, but broke up the naps with some Schrödinger playtime.   Schrödie loved having someone his own size to play with.  He didn’t run out of energy as quickly as Molly, so he would occasionally bug her while she slept and she ignored him most of the time.

Overall, very successful weekend.  It was the perfect timing for the holidays (not to mention mom’s birthday, also on Christmas), and it was a wonderful visit from the family.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas/graduation present.  Take whatever time you can from now until January to appreciate what family you have, even if it’s not actually related to you.  Enjoy puppy wrinkles and holiday dinners and the people you call family.

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