technological wonderland

These last two weeks I have had a great appreciation for my computer.  Unfortunately I’ve also had my moments where I wish it didn’t exist, because it can be more distracting at times than helpful.

I’ve been working on all my final projects, as the semester is winding down and coming to an end this Friday.  All of them require the use of my computer, either for Word or Dreamweaver or the internet for research and all that happy business.  Well I also have access to WordPress, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Gmail, Netflix, YouTube, and all sorts of other wonderful distractions.

I opened my computer yesterday with the best intentions, and found myself saying, “Hey, I’ll just Stumble for a few minutes while I drink my coffee and wake up a bit.”  Ok, so first problem is that StumbleUpon is wildly addictive.  You just keep pushing that damn Stumble button and you can’t stop yourself.  The second problem was, my coffee was 100% decaf.  All of a sudden my drinking-coffee excuse became lame.

I was Stumbling along, and was brought to a site that had some of the most amazing photos.  Next thing I knew I was browsing through all of them and then two hours later I was back to the beginning and realized that I had gone through all 518 photos on the site.  Frick.

Then I ate some lunch and continued my now several-hour long addiction.

I found another awesome site with pictures that were just as equally amazing and scrolled through a few dozen of those bad boys.  They are all like the one to the left here, with real world things covered with this guy’s drawings to make them a little more interesting.  It was fascinating and I couldn’t stop.

So in the meantime, I still have two papers to write and a website to design, a quiz to prepare for and a final exam next Monday.  Stumble (and my computer) is proving to be detrimental to the final days of my college career.

Not to mention now I’m blogging about it.  Blast!

Ok back to the grind.  You should hear from me in a week or so.  In the meantime, as long as you aren’t preparing for finals yourself, do some Stumbling and share with me some of the awesome things you find!!

what do you think?

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