movie time (4)

The last week or so I’ve been horribly procrastinating doing all of the things that I have piled up for school—I’ve got less than two weeks left and I’ve found myself with less motivation than ever.  So this morning when I woke up at 7:30 (courtesy of my alarm clock, Isabelle), instead of writing any of the three essays or finishing my web project, Eric and I watched a movie.

I was pleasantly surprised by this!  The trailer reveals little about the plot, and it’s an actual comedy (I’ve been burdened by several seemed-to-be-comedies-but-were-actually-somewhat-depressing movies lately, such as A Little Help, Everything Must Go, and An Invisible Sign.  All the trailers are wildly misleading with their influential inspirational music.  They portray life a little too accurately for my I-want-a-comedy taste).

Paul Rudd does a great job playing the one-love hippie brother who expects nothing but good things from all the people in his life.  It includes a great plot line and fantastic actors, depicting a real-life story but making it more upbeat than the life-like movies I mentioned above.

In my opinion, go watch it.  It’s great.  Oh and don’t be led to believe by the opening few seconds of the trailer and the hippie main character that the movie includes a lot of drug use.  It actually doesn’t.

Happy watching.

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