movie time (3)

Yay for Larry Crowne.

Me: I don’t even know what to expect from this movie.

Eric: I expect it to be like “Cast Away.”

Me: …because of Tom Hanks?

Eric: Well, you know how he is.

uummmmm...ok, makes sense.

Don’t be afraid, the trailer doesn’t even begin to give away the plot or the funniest lines.


Thankfully, it was much funnier and thus far less depressing than Cast Away.  It was my first new movie in a while—meaning I literally hadn’t seen it or heard of it at all—and it succeeded in surprising me.  Julia Roberts usually puts me off with her strangely shaped lips and weirdly anorexic jawline, but I was able to put those surface-level biases aside just long enough to enjoy this movie (with the perpetually confused-looking Tom Hanks).

But seriously, this proved to be a humorous spin on college life from the perspective of a 40-something, and at the same time was a great romantic comedy.  I’m glad I trusted Eric on this one, even though all he knew about it is that it had the potential to be like Cast Away.

Ok that’s a lie, he saw the trailer.

Photo from here.


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