ah yes, life with no car

Well this week I have to be thankful for my bike.

that's where it lives when I am at work.

It is the only reason I can get to work and back.

Yeah, ok, we have a car.  But this last week the car gods have looked unfavorably upon us lowly world people.

Two Saturdays ago the car started overheating.  We took it to the Subaru mechanics on Monday and they said, “Oh yeah, it’s just the radiator cap and we went ahead and got you a new one.”

On Tuesday night it starts overheating again (yes, a full 31 hours after we got it back), and suddenly the radio isn’t working either.  So we take it back on Wednesday.

On Wednesday the problem is the thermostat, so they change that out and replace our radio.  They find the kindness in their heart to not charge for labor.  Which is nice because these people are working for around $97/hour.  Fantastic.  New radio (that works) and we are rejoicing because the car is working again!

Sunday afternoon rolls around (after three full days of no issues) and the same problem is happening again.  It goes back to the mechanics on Monday (yesterday).  This time, “Oh yeah, it’s just the water pump.  It should only cost around $450 and we can get to that on Friday.”


So thank you bike, for getting me to work.  And thank you, TransFort, for getting me to school (since I would literally die if I had to ride to school and work every day—I did it once and I couldn’t move for two days).  It’s honestly not so bad, I just have to get back into the habit of cardio so that I don’t have a heart attack on my way home from work one night.

exactly. (btw licensing for this cartoon would have been $12—that's almost as much as the yearly domain fee for WordPress sites. So I just linked with love—see below)

Photo from here.

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