Meafloaf Muffins

We found a great recipe for meatloaf muffins.  We made a couple minor additions, but it turned out quite tasty.

tiny little servings of meatloaf

We added zucchini (as usual), fresh spinach, fresh basil, and a little big of red wine.

Served it with potatoes with more fresh spinach and basil, and green beans.  Yum.  One of my favorite parts is the itty bitty muffin cup.

We’ve been experimenting with several new recipes lately, and this one was definitely up there on the list of for-the-future dinner ideas. It’s a ketchup-based meatloaf, not a barbeque one, which I personally like better because meatloaf is already a little sweet and BBQ makes it TOO sweet for me.  In the meantime, we had a tasty dinner and now have leftovers for sometime in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Meafloaf Muffins

  1. There are so many reasons I love this recipe. They are the perfect portion size and bake up quick enough that you can make them on a weeknight. Love how you added extra veggies and flavors.

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