remove the unnecessary

Uncluttering can happen anywhere.  In closets, kitchen cabinets, spare bedrooms….but also in the digital world.  My favorite thing to do is to go through my contacts every once in a while and delete useless numbers.  Like when I called King Soopers that day to ask if they had something, and then saved the number because I thought I might want it later…yeah never happened.  Isolated incident.  No need to have “King Soopers Harmony” in my phone.

Today I uncluttered my Facebook.  I deleted friends that I sporadically accepted as such, even though I wasn’t entirely sure who they were, I also deleted some stupid groups that I once joined.  Like this one.  Ok, so I remained a member of that group, but only because it’s great.  But I really did un-join about 25 groups.

don't worry, it feels good.

Yesterday I went through my computer and deleted files that were entirely unnecessary.  I had silly downloads from a year ago and pdfs from two or three years ago that I had printed out and used already.  When all was said and done, with my downloads folder empty and my trash empty as well, I had gained myself a whole GB of space.  I have reclaimed you!!

So go out today and unclutter something in your life.  Delete the number of that guy you  met at the bar.  Or change the name to “Do Not Answer” if you happened to give him your number as well.  Un-join that group you joined when you were five years younger and whole lot more rambunctious.  Clean up your poor suffering computer.

let your computer breathe today and take a load off.

Let me know how it goes and just how liberated you feel afterwards.

Photos from here and here.

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