movie time (2)

Ok so trying to write about a movie each week obviously didn’t work out so well.  But here it is for this week.

Bad Teacher.

And while the trailer is funny, it’s not one of those funny trailers that just so happens to contain the only funny parts from the movie.  It actually gives away surprisingly little about the plot and gives away almost none of the more memorable moments in the movie.

I had a lot of people tell me that this movie was kinda crappy and not worth my time.  But those people don’t really watch a lot of movies.  The same people told me that “Zookeeper” was so amazingly funny, and after watching that I completely disregarded their advice and rented “Bad Teacher.”  To be entirely honest, “Zookeeper” was nothing more than Sylvester Stallone running around the zoo as a lion and Kevin James saying a few funny things with lots of awkward moments in between that make you ask questions like, “How does only Kevin James’ character hear the animals talk?  Do the animals have selective powers that allow only certain people to hear them speaking?!”

Anyway, I digress.  If you want a laugh and maybe a different view of your own teachers from middle and high school, watch “Bad Teacher.”

Let me know what you think about “Bad Teacher!”

Photos from here and here.

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