hidden power behind mommyhood

There are many benefits to being a mother.  The hidden power doesn’t come with fostering a new life, raising this new human to be all that (s)he can be.  Those things are great and empowering too.  But the hidden power comes in the new wheels.

Have you ever tried to race a min-van off the line at a stoplight?  It you have, you know that mini-vans are impossible to beat in a race unless you have one of those fancy cars that makes the ptsssssss-zzzzzzz sound all the time.  Whatever that is.

this is what's hiding inside the shell that is the "mini-van"

I have recently come up with the theory that min-vans are made to be so powerful and fast because mommys need to get places.  The moms I talk to every day at work are always telling me about how Lydia has gymnastics while Connor has karate and she has to take Lydia first and then drop off Connor so that she can take James to soccer and then reverse the process to reclaim her children.  Mommys got places to go!  They need a fast, safe, unseemingly intense race car to get them around town.  Of course this mastervehicle needs the capacity to cart around the whole family, plus the karate gear and soccer bag, and whatever it is that kids use in gymnastics.

Anywho, the point of my rant is that mini-vans are freakishly efficient and unpredictably so.  In the meantime, try not to embarrass yourself by racing one of those bad boys, unless you simply want to test out the hidden power of vanness and mommyhood.

what do you think?

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