doggy update

Well Schrödie got a bath tonight, and Izzy was spayed last week.  So I decided to share some recent photos to highlight their madness.

snoozing Izzy

It’s her favorite spot to sleep.

Snoozing puppies.

She will share it with Schrödie…

...and then Izzy overtook Schrödie.

But eventually she impedes on his personal space.

riding in the car!!

They love to go bye-bye car.

waiting for Izzy to be picked up from spaying.

Schrödie is a snuggler.

Izzy with her cone of shame and no idea how to manuver with it.

For the first ten minutes of conedome, Izzy didn’t understand what was happening to her.  She kept thinking her head was trapped and that if she just backed up she would free herself from whatever the hell was going on.  But up until that point she sat in shame.

couch buddies!

Eventually she figured it out.  In the meantime, this is what Schrödie normally looks like, climbing on chairs under the kitchen table and whatnot…

little fuzzball

…and this is the little furry guy after his bath!

posing for me.

This is Izzy’s glamor shot.


That’s where we’re at right now, post-spaying and post-bathing.  Good day to be a puppy!


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