a revelation of epic proportions

Yesterday in class my endlessly brilliant professor said something revolutionary in class.  We were discussing education, and the never-ending question that soon-to-be graduates are bombarded with daily: What are you going to do with that degree?

This is where the endless brilliance enters stage right.  He said (in some combination of the following words and phrases):

What are you going to DO with it??!  Isn’t it enough that you received an education?  One that has provided you with the ability to analyze, interpret, understand, problem solve, and make good decisions—all of that is transferable to any damn thing that you might want to do in life.  General education (the undergraduate degree) is there to instill and enhance the tools necessary to prepare you for anything.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  Even if it has nothing at all to do with your “area of specialty.”  Congratulations, now you can move on with life.

Thanks, man.  That’s a load off.

Oh yeah, gonna go dance in a field.

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