as the interviewee…

I sat in on my first interview today.  It was special and “the first” because I was one of the interviewers instead of playing the dreaded role of interviewee.  Here’s what I’ve got for those of you who plan on job hunting and participating in interviews.

  1. If the facility you are interviewing at is one for children and their parents, do not wear a miniskirt.  Yes, you look super cute and those legs are just like, wow.  But when you sit down and don’t do it properly, I can see your vajayjay.

    Umm...I don't think I want you around my kids...
  2. There’s no way you can smell that bad.  When the first thing I notice about you is the scent of eau du way-too-much-perfume, I become concerned about your personal hygiene.  Don’t leave me to assume that you are a smelly freshman in college who doesn’t have time for laundry or showers.
  3. Become acutely aware of your use of the term “like.”  Because like, when you are like, telling me about your like, whole life story, it’s really hard to like, pay attention and like, take you seriously.  It makes me like, assume that you are having trouble thinking, because like, you can’t stop inserting your like, ridiculous verbal pause.  Just slow down and think before you start splurting out sentences.  Also avoid the use of the terms “you know,” “basically,” and “yeah.”
  4. Don’t oversell yourself.  If you are interviewing for a position that requires you to be constantly happy and helpful (ie. anything in customer service), and you’re trying really hard to seem happy and cheerful during your interview…consider if it’s a really intense act or if you are just slightly overselling yourself to make a good impression.  On the one hand, if it’s an intense act, you probably shouldn’t be trying to work in a field where you’d be acting all day (unless you want to be, oh I don’t know, an actor).  On the other hand, if you are overselling your bubbly happiness, that might be the hiring point and you’d then be expected to over-act every day at work.  Do you want to be involved in either of those situations?  Just consider it.

Well that’s my two sense about being the interviewee.  As the interviewer, just be prepared for any of the above and react accordingly.

Photo from here.

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